Two years ago, a couple of members had the idea of SVVFC purchasing a fire truck to have at our events and for public relations.  After some polling of our membership we found this idea to be a welcomed one and started to look for potential trucks.  It has been a long process but our truck, a 1982 American LaFrance has been secured and is scheduled to arrive in Arizona by mid June.

The truck will be used at our events both local and across the state to help promote SVVFC and the Sedona-Verde Valley region.  It is also our hope to help support local businesses through a marketing program which include advertising spots on the truck itself!  Interested business owners can contact us at for more info.

Over the upcoming months we will be working to customize the truck and make it our own.  This will include: sanding, some minor fabrication, more sanding, any needed body work, more sanding, getting the seats upholstered, more sanding and finally paint!  If you would like to be involved with this project or have professional contacts that could help in this monumental task, let us know at