A main focus of our organization is to support the residents in our local communities.  Jennifer is not only a 16 year resident of Sedona but has participated in and supported our charity events in the past.  Jennifer is a passionate individual that cares about others.  Ever since hearing about the opportunity to participate on Gordon Ramsay's charity team in the Ironman, she knew it was something she wanted to be apart of. It will be a long road till race day,but we thank you Jennifer for your "Dedication to Service"!

Yates, a cancer survivor herself was drawn to the event even more after learning about the different organizations the team would be raising money for.  When asked about her motivation, Yates said "As a board member of the Verde Valley Sanctuary, I am able to witness first hand the impact charity fundraising can make for an individual who needs help.  After my battle with breast cancer, I love to find new ways to challenge myself and make a positive impact on those around me".

What better way to challenge yourself than sign up for an Ironman? Jennifer is no stranger to adversity and as can be seen in the picture to the right is truly in her element. Jennifer's fundraiser is right around the corner and not only will she be raising money for her expenses but for 5 of Chef Ramsay's charities! Jennifer must  believe in the old adage "All boats rise with the rising tide". The event is on May 12th and for more information please view the flyer at the bottom of this page.  We hope to see you there!


Jennifer's bike could be yours!

This $3000 bike was sponsored for Jennifer to use in the Ironman.  Chef Ramsay has agreed to autograph the bike while Yates is in England.  Shortly after her trip back across the pond, Jennifer will be auctioning off the bike with all proceeds going to the Verde Valley Sanctuary.


Azadi Rugs is donating their beautiful facility free of charge for this event. Tlaquepaque’s Wendy Lippmann donated the exquisite outside balcony with sweeping views of the red rocks so that up to 100 lucky people can participate! "Oak Creek Brewery and Grill" is donating the scrumptious food. Local merchants have donated gift certificates, products, and services which should be the subject of spirited bidding during the Silent Auction. Can’t wait to claim a particular prize? Use the “You Can Buy It NOW!” option which is available on any of the donated gifts.

If you have questions how you can participate, please call Kathy Skinner of Sedona Central Fabulous Fundraisers & Elegant Events at (847) 922-7966.